These are explained below to illustrate what a technical requirement might be. Please note that these are only examples. Relevant regulations vary depending on the product and it is essential to investigate which rules apply for a certain product before it is placed on the Swedish market.

Example 1: CE-marking
The CE mark symbolises that a product fulfils essential health and safety requirements. The CE-marking is mandatory for some products, for example toys, household appliances, phones and machinery. A product may not be CE marked unless it is covered by a directive providing for its affixing. The CE mark is attached by the manufacturer or the authorised representative in the European Union.

Example 2: Labelling of textiles
There are certain labelling requirements for textile products to be placed on the Swedish market. A label or mark must clearly show the quantity of the materials. It must be in Swedish and separate from all other information. There are also requirements for care labels that must accompany the products and be clearly visible for the users. For products not intended for sale to  end users the labelling or marking can be replaced by accompanying commercial documents.