Please note that these are only examples. Relevant regulations vary depending on the product and it is essential to investigate which rules apply for a certain product before it is placed on the Swedish market.

Example 1: Health control of foodstuffs of non-animal origin
Imports of foodstuffs of non-animal origin into the EU must comply with requirements that have been designed to prevent risks to public health and protect consumer interests. These requirements concern for example traceability, hygiene and maximum levels of certain contaminants in food.

Example 2: Health control of foodstuffs of animal origin
There are two main requirements concerning the import of animal products to the EU and Sweden:

Approved country
Products of animal origin can only be imported to Sweden from countries that have been approved and listed by the EU Commission.

Approved establishment
The products have to come from an establishment registered by the competent authority in the exporting country and approved by the EU Commission.

The following two additional requirements have to be met:

Health certificate
All shipments must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by the responsible authority in the exporting country. The certificate shall guarantee that the product comes from an approved country and that it has been produced in an establishment that is registered with the competent authority and approved by the EU Commission.

Health control
All imports must pass through a border inspection post and must be controlled for health. An inspection of documents and identity, as well as a physical inspection  will be conducted at the border.