When we receive an inquiry, we make sure that we have sufficient details of the product in order to be able to find the information. If the inquiry is too general for us to answer, we contact the exporter for more details.

We answer incoming inquiries via e-mail and in person to our external contacts in Sweden and abroad, i.e. visiting delegations, embassies in Stockholm, courses arranged in Sweden, participants in our export seminars, and seminars and conferences arranged by other organisations.  

The answer to an inquiry covers:

  • General customs procedures and documents
  • The customs tariff that the Swedish importer must pay for the product
  • Any reduction of the customs tariff through a preferential agreement
  • Any certificate of origin required to benefit from such an agreement
  • The value-added tax (VAT) applicable for the product on the Swedish market
  • Product-specific requirements, for example regarding labelling and packaging

We confirm that we have received the inquiry within three working days, and we try to answer the inquiry as soon as possible, depending on the nature of the inquiry. Our working language is English.