Our services include answering questions from exporters in developing countries and from Swedish importers interested in importing from those countries. We answer in a user-friendly format, tailor-made for the exporter. We answer all the questions we receive, and if a question concerns an area we do not cover, we provide the exporter with contact information concerning the appropriate organisation.

Our work also includes providing information at Export to Sweden seminars targeting exporters. These seminars are arranged by Open Trade Gate Sweden in cooperation with the country embassy covering Sweden, a relevant organisation in the host country, such as the official export promotion organisation or the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Swedish Embassy covering the country in question.

We also help exporters who encounter problems when trying to export to Sweden. Any obstacle reported to Open Trade Gate Sweden is analysed, and, should we find that a requirement or procedure is unjust or too bureaucratic, we act on this information and contact the relevant authorities and ministries in Sweden in order to try to solve the problem.    

Open Trade Gate Sweden works with all developing countries as defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
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